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  • GU Econ PhD student Claire Brunel receives prestigious Jordan Award

    For the second straight year, The Economic Club of Washington presented its prestigious Vernon E. Jordan Jr Fellowship Award to a GU PhD student. This year's Jordan Fellowship recipient is Claire Brunel for her winning essay, "Green Innovation and Green Imports: Links between Regulation, Innovation and Trade." Ms Brunel follows last year's recipient, Mauricio Villamizar, another GU PhD student. As this year's Jordan Fellow, Ms Brunel will present her research results to The Economic Club of Washington in the Spring of 2014.

  • Annual Political Economy Seminar

    This year, political economy is at Georgetown University, Monday, April 29th, 2013 at 2:30pm - 5:30pm at Mortara Center for International Studies.

    There will be two speakers: Pravin Krishna, Johns Hopkins University, and Peter Rosendorff, New York University.

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  • Joint Initiative gui²de launched by GU Econ, GPPI, and GCER.

    GPPI Professors Nada Eissa and James Habyarimana and Georgetown Economics Professor Billy Jack recently launched gui²de, the Georgetown University Initiative on Innovation, Development and Evaluation. gui²de assesses the effectiveness of interventions and policies aimed at empowering individuals in developing countries through field-based research. Read more about gui²de here.

  • GCER Fellow to present joint research with GU Phd student at Chicago Fed Banking Conference.

    GCER Fellow Pedro Gete will present his work, "Imperfect Information, Lending Standards and Capital Requirements" at the Chicago Fed Banking Conference in May. The research is joint work with Georgetown Phd student Natalie Tiernan. The Conference will feature notable economists and policy makers around the country, including Ben Bernanke, Edward DeMarco (FHFA), and William Isaac (former Chairman, FDIC).

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  • Richard Blundell to deliver Spring Seminar, Thursday, April 11, at 2pm in the Leavey Program Room

    The talk is entitled: Female Labour Supply, Human Capital and Tax Reform

    The UK together with many other countries have put in place a system of tax credits to subsidize work for low paid individuals. We consider the impact of such tax policies on women over the lifecycle. We focus on the effects of tax credits on education choice, employment, hours and human capital accumulation. By modeling education choices and introducing a channel of impacts through on- the-job human capital accumulation we are able to better understand both the short run incentive effects and the longer run implications for poverty and inequality for tax credits and other aspects of tax and welfare benefits. Moreover, individuals in the model are risk averse and can accumulate financial assets which serve for short run smoothing, retirement and precautionary savings. Within this context we can also assess the insurance value of these major welfare programs and the welfare effects of risk in the presence of public insurance. We find substantial labor supply elasticities. We also find that for lower education individuals the welfare programs have substantial insurance value.