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  • The 12th Annual Carroll Round is set to take place on April 18-21, 2013 at Georgetown University


    The Carroll Round Steering Committee cordially invites you to save the dates for the 12th Annual Carroll Round at Georgetown University. This year, the international economics conference will be April 18-21, 2013 with presentation sessions and speakers on that Friday and Saturday.

    A formal RSVP invitation will follow in the coming weeks with details.

    For more information on Carroll Round events, please visit our website at

  • Fall of 2013, Laurent Bouton to join GCER and GU Econ Faculty.

    Laurent BoutonGCER is pleased to announce that Laurent Bouton will be joining the Economics faculty at Georgetown University and GCER in the Fall of 2013. Professor Bouton received his Ph.D. from ECARES, Université libre de Bruxelles (Brussels) in 2009. After leaving graduate school, he joined the faculty of Boston University where he resided as Assistant Professor until now.

    Professor Bouton specializes in Political Economy and Microeconomics. His research focuses on the effects of information imperfections under various electoral systems, including runoff elections, plurality, and approval voting. His work has appeared in a number of prestigious journals including The American Economic Review and Econometrica. According to Frank Vella, the Chair of the Economics Department, "Laurent is an outstanding young scholar and he will provide additional strength in research areas where our Department is already very strong. We are all very excited to welcome him to Georgetown."

  • Call for papers for the 2013 round of the GCER conference.

    The conference will take place on May 23-24; deadline for paper submission is March 31.

    We are pleased to invite you to participate in the Georgetown Center for Economic Research's second biennial conference, which is organized jointly by the GU Economics department alumni and faculty, and aims to bring together recent Ph.Ds, faculty and current graduate students as well as other researchers in the greater DC area. The conference will include sessions in different areas of economics; at least one session will be reserved for current graduate students intending to go on the job market.

    Papers are invited from all areas of economics. Completed manuscripts or extended abstracts should be emailed (as attachments) to Yamin Ahmad at Please use "GCER 2013 Submission" as the subject line.
    All submissions must be received by March 31, 2013.

    For more information can be obtained here.

    Same information can also be obtained online at

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  • Fall, 2012. Featured Research Profile.

    Gale and O'Brien sing the blues over Use-or-Lose!

    click to get Gale paper Crowded airports are an unfortunate fact of life. As the demand for air travel grows, regulators must deal with increasingly stringent limits on airport capacity. Many U.S. and European airports use takeoff-and-landing slots to determine which airlines fly at peak times. One concern is that airlines may hoard slots solely in order to reduce competition. In hopes of mitigating this inefficiency, regulators have imposed so-called "use-or-lose" provisions. These provisions require that the airlines utilize a certain minimum percentage of their slots on a monthly or annual basis. (Water rights, mineral leases, and fishing quotas have also been subject to use-or-lose provisions.) GCER Fellow Ian Gale and co-author Dan O´Brien from the Federal Trade Commission have examined the impact of use-or-lose provisions on social welfare.

    In a recent paper, "The Welfare Effects of Use-or-Lose Provisions in Markets with Dominant Firms" (forthcoming in the American Economic Journal: Microeconomics),   Gale and O´Brien find that use-or-lose provisions may be ineffectual or worse. While the provisions are imposed with the aim of inducing firms to divest themselves of unused capacity, the provisions may actually induce those firms to acquire capacity from competitors. A consequence is that aggregate output and social welfare may both fall. Gale and O´Brien conclude that the welfare effects of use-or-lose provisions are ambiguous overall, and they depend on the particular market in ways that make policy prescriptions difficult.

  • 2012-2013 GCER Distinguished Visitor Series.

    The innaugural program features three distinguished economists who will spend time in the Department during the 2012-13 academic year.


    Dirk Krueger

    Professor of Economics at U Penn, has published extensively on issues relating to consumption inequality, redistribution, and social insurance. His work has been prominently cited in top press outlets such as The Economist, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. Professor Krueger visited the department in December of 2012, where he presented his recent work on "Intergenerational Redistribution in the Great Recession" in the Macroeconomics workshop. He returns on February 11-13, and will consult with faculty and students in the department.


    Guido Lorenzoni

    Guido Lorenzoni
    Associate Professor of Economics at Northwestern U, is one of the rising stars in the profession. He is known for is research on the macroeconomic implications of credit market frictions. Professor Lorenzoni will visit the department during the week of April 15-19 where he will present his latest research in the Macroeconomics workshop, and will meet with faculty and students.



    Gianluca Violante
    Professor of Economics at NYU, is well known for his quantitative assessments of the U.S. labor market. His work spans a number of critical policy issues ranging from social security reform to welfare-to-work programs to labor market implications of the fiscal stimulus. Professor Violante will visit the department during the week of March 11-15 where he will present his latest research in the Macroeconomics workshop, and will meet with faculty and students.