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  • The upcoming 2012 Razin Policy Lecture to be delivered by David Card.

    The 2012 Razin Policy Lecture will be delivered by David Card, the Class of 1950 Professor of Economics at UC Berkeley. This year's Razin Lecture is entitled "Social Interactions" and takes place on Tuesday, April 17, 2012, at 4:00 pm in the BSB 490 Fisher Colloquium at Georgetown University.

    Professor Card was honored by the American Economic Association in 1995 with the John Bates Clark Medal. More he received the Frisch Medal in 2007 for the outstanding research paper (with D. Hyslop) published in Econometrica in 2005, and the IZA Prize in Labor Economics in 2006, from Germany's Institute for the Study of Labor, the leading award for labor economists. David Card's research spans a wide range of issues and problems in labor economics. He research topics include the effect of minimum wage, the impacts of immigration, the consequences of racial segregation, and the effects policy changes on health insurance utilization and on health. Card's most recent work studies peer effects and inequality in the workplace.

    The Razin Lecture is accompanied by the awarding of the Razin Prize for best research paper by an advanced graduate student. This year's prize goes to David Phillips (pictured at right) for his essay, "Getting to Work: Experimental Evidence on Job Search and Transportation Costs," produced under the guidance of Prof. William Jack. Click here for more on the Razin Prize and Policy Lecture, its background and history.

  • Call for Nominations: First IZA@DC Young Scholar Program

    Organizers: Steffen Kunn (IZA), Francis Vella (Georgetown University, GCER, and IZA)
    Place: Georgetown University, Washington, DC, USA
    Date: October 22 - October 26, 2012

    The GU Economics Department and GCER join with IZA to host the inaugural IZA@DC Young Scholar Program. Its the main objective is to expose young scholars to the world's leading labor economists through a week of presentations and to give them the opportunity to collaborate on research projects with IZA Research Fellows in the DC area.

    For more details and for procedures to apply see IZA Call for Nominations.

  • GCER Fellow's Inequality Research Featured at Becker-Friedman Conference.

    Prof. Axel Anderson
    The inaugural conference on at the Becker-Friedman Institute on Measuring and Interpreting Inequality featured a plenary address by Lones Smith (U. Wisconsin), on his joint work with GCER Fellow Axel Anderson entitled "Matching with Evolving Human Capital". The paper revisits Nobelist Gary Becker's classic 1973 paper "A Theory of Marriage", adding in an important unexplored feature -- namely, that individuals are changed by their peers. When post docs take low wage temporary positions or parents pay for expensive private schooling to keep their children away from bad influences, they make a clear sacrifice of current for future welfare. Anderson and Smith's paper develops the general theory of such matching, and shows how one model simultaneously explains a myriad of time series and cross-sectional wage and matching patterns in the economy.

  • GCER Announces Intensive Econometrics Training Courses.

    As part of GCER' s mission to contribute to the quality of economic research and training in the Washington DC area we are delighted to announce a new initiative in econometric training.In collaboration with the Center for Continuing and Professional Education, GCER will offer an Econometrics intensive seminar program, with an option of earning a non-credit professional Certificate in Econometrics. Program participants may elect to take individual intensive seminars, or to take three seminars in order to earn the Certificate in Econometrics. Taught by internationally renowned economists, Georgetown's econometrics seminars are designed to be of practical and immediate use to individuals across the private and public sectors who seek tools to solve complex problems and inform both policy and practice. Each seminar includes applied experience in estimation, interpretation and evaluation of economic relationships. For more information see: Econometrics Training.

  • GU Econ Department and IZA sign collaborative agreement.

    On January 24, 2012, the Economics Department and Graduate School at Georgetown University reached a collaborative agreement with IZA,   the internationally renowned research institute focusing on labor market issues.

    The agreement was finalized on the GU campus and signed by Department and Villani Chair Frank Vella,   IZA Director Klaus F. Zimmermann,   and Graduate Dean Gerald Mara   (all pictured at left).

    The memorandum extends the existing collaborative efforts between the Econ Department and IZA and initiates a number of new programs that include formal exchanges of faculty and graduate students and jointly sponsored workshops and conferences. These initiatives will largely work through GCER in coordination with IZA.